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            Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation statutes provide for a “no fault” system designed to provide a basic level of benefits for covered employees who sustain work related injuries.  Benefits include medical payments, compensation for lost income and awards for permanent partial and permanent total disability. To be compensable, the injury must arise from employment. Under the current system the employer is obligated to pay premiums to the common fund (or, if qualified, to act as a self-insured employer) in exchange for immunity from court actions for damages based on common law.  The employee loses the right to recover damages in court but generally receives benefits while disabled, even if the employee caused or contributed to cause the injury. 


            The laws governing Workers’ Compensation are complex and can be confusing.  Interpretations of the law by hearing officers and the courts change rapidly and the statutes are always subject to change by the legislature. Employers generally are represented by experienced counsel and by third party representatives. Injured employees may retain counsel to help them navigate the complex system of benefits.


            Carroll, Ucker & Hemmer LLC provides representation for claims pending before the Bureau of Workers Compensation and for disputed matters adjudicated by the Ohio Industrial Commission.  The firm is linked to the Bureau and to the Commission by computer to track the progress of all claims and disputes and the firm receives regular updates regarding changes in the law that may apply to you or your organization. There is no fee charged for an initial consultation and most fees for injured employees are contingent upon benefits received.



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